About Us

LA DOGWORKS mission is to provide an exciting social experience for dogs and dog owners; to create a new standard for dog care, which includes unbeatable measures to ensure the health and safety of our four legged companions.

True to the former Pet Care Services Association (formerly known as ABKA or American Boarding Kennel Association) we stay committed to their standard of excellence, and go one step further in creating a dog haven that is connected to a dog’s natural and instinctual environment.

We have set out to create a five star resort created specifically as a retreat for dogs; a place that exemplifies trust, love, affection and education. We hope to further the bond between humans and dogs by providing excellent services that dogs of all breeds and sizes require. As well as providing education for dog owners in the proper care and training of their dog(s).

A year and a half of intensive research on the dog care industry uncovered a need for an advancement in the design and engineering of dog care facilities. The importance of building with proper materials that are strong and durable yet dog friendly was a key to the initial design and construction of LA DOGWORKS. With an awareness of the environment and a desire to be a “green” company, we set out on a mission to find organic and safe cleaning solutions with a high bacteria killing rate and were successful in our quest. We discovered new products outside of the dog care industry that could be effective in advancing the art of dog care to another level.

We could have built LA DOGWORKS to resemble a hotel for humans, but we knew that by doing so we would be compromising health and safety just to meet the “cuteness quotient” humans find attractive. Instead, we built LA DOGWORKS for dogs, to parallel their natural instincts and provide a healthy and safe environment. The choice of K9 Grass in the indoor dog park is plush and soft like a field of grass, which provides a safe alternative to hard concrete, abrasive rubber matting and slippery Epoxy floors. The K9 Grass is sanitized every night so it is fresh for the next day’s play. The custom design of our Vinyl bunk beds in our Dog Den and the $100,000 two story Mason Co. Kennel system will provide everything your dog needs for a healthy, happy, and safe stay at LA DOGWORKS.
Last, but most importantly, we believe in having fun and providing a peace of mind…”a place to play and a place to stay.”


Andrew Rosenthal Born in Brooklyn, NY, Andrew Rosenthal moved with his mother and sister to Pennington, NJ to live at his father’s dairy farm at the age of nine. Exposed to the grandness of nature, Andrew developed an innate sense for his surroundings. Immersed into 200 acres of land, farm fresh food, and animal’s galore–he quickly found his first love in life, his dogs.

As a young boy living in New York City, Andrew would spend his summers at a Camp in upstate New York. That is where he found his love for animals. There were times when Andrew went missing and the camp counselors would have to go searching for him. As always, they would find him either collecting snakes or frogs or he would be with the camps mascot dog playing fetch or running in the woods. Moving into the Pennsylvania suburbs from New York City at the age of 9, Andrew continued to develop his adoration for animals by working at a local pet store, where he admittedly worked overtime to be able to purchase his very own first dog. Through instinct, love, and patience, he built an undeniable bond with his four-legged best friend.

Andrew would roam the 200 acres with his Wiemaraner and the 12 coonhounds that lived on the farm that were owned by the farmhands. That is where Andrew had a fleeting thought to create a camp for dogs. A place where the pups could roam and play freely, receive the best and most attentive training and care, and being connected to their natural habitats. This was the first step in giving birth to his new Los Angeles adventure, LA DOGWORKS.

Graduating high school, Andrew moved back to New York City to attend photography school. He shortly began an impressive career as a fashion and lifestyle photographer. Traveling the country and shooting for esteemed national magazines; such as Vogue, Elle, Playboy; beauty campaigns for L’Oreal and celebrities; such as Linda Evangelista, Famke Janssen, Kelly Lynch, and Brooke Burns. His job, as official race team photographer for Harley- Davidson led him to Los Angeles in 2001. Andrew, accompanied by his beloved three Italian Greyhounds, lived across the street from an LA dog park. It was here, that the LA DOGWORKS vision again filled his head. He realized that spending time with his dogs was more fun than anything else. He began to notice unhappy pet owners, communicating their frustrations with training, and the need to have a safe and healthy place to care and board their animals when their hectic schedule pulled them away from their unconditional loves. Andrew realized the other owner’s struggles when he himself became frustrated while searching for a place to keep his dogs while he traveled. “The one thing I found in most of the existing dog care centers was a lack of attention to health and safety. I knew there had to be a better way to provide proper dog care” – the deal was sealed – and Rosenthal was fully committed to giving LA DOGWORKS life.

Knowing he had no idea how to develop the grand idea in his head, he began his research. Spending a year and a half online and attending training seminars and workshops held by the Pet Care Services Association (formerly known as ABKA or American Boarding Kennel Association), he immersed himself in learning the best way to own, operate, and build a top-notch dog care center. The goal was to build a facility that was good enough for his dogs and that would offer the customer care he would expect. The LA DOGWORKS dream was born and his vision expanded, Andrew quickly set out to build a dog care center like nothing else available in Hollywood, …”I wanted to build a one-stop-shop that would offer all the care and services that a dog would need, from boarding, day care, grooming, training, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, portraits, a retail boutique and lots and lots of love provided by a highly trained staff. Most importantly it had to be built with health and safety as the top priority ”

Inviting a top architectural team and the best mechanical engineer in the animal care industry on board to help bring his idea to life – Andrew prepared to launch his most exciting venture to date in October 2004. The state-of-the art facility which boasts 10,000 square feet of modern space featuring a revolutionary indoor dog park, impeccable grooming, the Canine Enrichment Center for “lifestyle” training” as well as boarding, daycare and all our the wonderful spa services and therapies. Though built for dogs, LA DOGWORKS will provide their loving owners peace of mind knowing that their dogs are being loved and well taken care of.

LA DOGWORKS “a place to play and a place to stay.”

A true advocate for the care and safety of animals, LA DOGWORKS is Andrew Rosenthal’s first step in fulfilling his 20 year-long path, his journey, dream and vision of creating a safe haven for his best friends in life … dogs.